About The Barb Graeve Swim School

About Us

Barb Graeve Swim School was founded in 1997 and works diligently to create the most efficient methods to teach swimming in a positive, encouraging and fun environment. Our goal is to ensure quality swimming instruction through the systematic progression of skills, using patience and positive encouragement. In reality there is much more going on in a swimming lesson than just learning a skill.

Trust: A swimmer learns to let go of control and literally put their life into the hands of another person.

Sense of Accomplishment: As the swimmer trusts, they begin accomplishing new things. You can see it on their faces in the smiles, in the wide eyes of amazement, in the deep breaths, in the, “I want to do it again!”, and in the practice as they wait for their next turn.

Fears Conquered: Fears keeps us stuck. When a young child is afraid I like to give them a glimpse of what they will be like in the future. Success over fear will transfer into a lifestyle of pressing thru when they face scary things in life. Confidence: With each new skill attained, self-confidence grows.

Goal Setting: Swimmers will begin to set goals for themselves, whether it is to jump into the deep end and swim across the deep end, or tread water for a longer time, or to someday join a swim team. There is a dream that is birthed and we help them to achieve it.

Friendships: It is beautiful to watch not only the swimmers but the parents enter into friendships during the lessons.

Health: The health benefits are wonderful: stronger healthier lungs thru the breath control, stronger hearts thru the aerobic exercise, stronger muscles throughout the body as swimming uses all of the muscles of the body, and because of the water there is little stress on the joints making swimming excellent for those whose bodies cannot take the pounding of other exercise.

Fun: Swimming is relaxing, refreshing, and fun! I have many parents who regret that they did not get to take lessons as a child. They are saddened that they cannot enjoy the water with their family or their family wished that they could swim with them. It is never to late to learn!

Survival: Drowning is one of the top causes for accidental death. You never know when you may be in a life threatening situation or may be on the scene of one.

Possible Sport: Many swimmers in lessons have discovered that this is their love and have gone on to join a neighborhood summer rec team, a year round competitive team, or their Middle School or High School team.

Possible Job/Career: The majority of my teachers are former students! My love for swimming began as a 5 year old with the kind and loving teachers and coaches at Keystone Klub Pool.