We love to teach swimming, and knowing that we’ve done a good job is very important to us. Over the years, we’ve received a lot of great feedback. Here are some testimonials from happy customers and folks who have become friends over the years. If you’d like to share your experience with us, we’d love to hear your story. Just drop us a note on our Contact Page.

My daughter, Casey, had her last lesson this morning with Miss Sarah in Green 1. I left today without saying this to her, so can you please pass along our thanks! Sarah was amazing with Casey and I am so proud of the progress she made this session. She did such a great job earning Casey’s trust and working with her to go from being scared to putting her head under to smiling and laughing while playing treasure chest and getting toys off the bottom of the pool. We are more than pleased with our experience! We can’t wait for next session when Casey is in Green 3!

– Sarah

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent instruction of my son Jett. It’s been amazing to see how he’s grown over the last two years from a kiddo who was super nervous in the water and didn’t want to put his head in, to an independent happy swimmer. We were fortunate this summer to give Jett an opportunity to go to day camp, which included swimming in a lake, and also go to Great Wolf Lodge. Two fun activities that I never would have let him do if he hadn’t had the strong swimming fundamentals that he’s gotten at your school. Thank you.

You and your team of teachers are a blessing to your students and their families! God bless your year!

Calder LOVES his swimming lessons. He doesn’t want the lesson to end. And I’m just so proud of him and how he’s learning. I really love your instruction style, and how each skill acts as a foundation for the next little addition. Such a great method for learning.

– Brian

We are LOVING our swimming lessons! Our twin daughters (age 5) are in level Green 1 with Meg. She is a gem! They were both very nervous due to a terrible experience elsewhere with lessons last summer. You should see them both now. I can hardly get them out of the pool at the end of each lesson. 🙂 Their progress is amazing, and we signed up for a summer session.

I would also like to compliment Shannon. She has been so helpful with getting both of my girls into the same class. She is prompt and professional.

We have told everyone how wonderful our experience has been.

Thank you!!!!

I’m getting ready to compete in my first sprint triathlon in 2 weeks. The swimming lessons I took from you were the basis in getting me going on the right path for swimming, thanks so much for your great instruction and positive attitude toward swimming. I actually like swimming now!

Thanks gals,
– Traci (ADULT swimmer)

I just want you to know how awesome you all are. Miles had so much confidence in the pool this summer. He was under the water paddling his arms and kicking legs more than he was above the water. He just loves it!

– Cindy


I would like to take a quick minute to say thank you to you and your staff for all that you do. My nephew Leighton and his grandpa were our camping this past weekend and took their boat out into Lake Manawa. It was after dark and the were out past in the middle of the lake, when the boat started taking on water and capsized. Leighton did have his life jacket on when he went into the water. Now I know my dad (who did not get a vest on quick enough) staying calm helped but Leighton did not panic. He started swimming towards the lights that grandpa could see on shore.

After about a 45 min swim Leighton was the first one to shore. Even still he was very calm and found some campers and asked if he could stay with them until his Grandpa came and got him. They of course asked the wet 7 year old where his grandpa was and he said “in the water”. They of course grabbed flashlights and ran to the waters edge and helped grandpa and his friend out of the water.We are very lucky that we have both Leighton and Grandpa safe and sound with us today. Grandpa sure was tired and I know for a fact that after talking to him that had Leighton not been with him he would not be here today.

So again I thank you and your staff for everything that you do. You saved two lives this weekend, even though you did not know it. I just can’t thank you enough.

God Bless,
– Dusti

Just wanted to send a little “thanks” to you and your teachers for a great swim session. Logan and Cole learned a TON this session! They also enjoyed going every day which is HUGE for me! There is nothing worse than dragging your kids to lessons they don’t want to go to. So thank you!

– Kim

I had taken my daughter to another swim program for several sessions of lessons and she was not progressing and was still very fearful to even put her head under water. She would either wade in water she could touch comfortably or “death grip” me while I held her in any water she could not touch.I was so pleasently surprised at Alana’s progress in the very first session with your swim program. Not only did she trust and love the teachers, she would try things for them she would never do with me.Barb, I can’t believe it but that was five years ago and now my 8 year old loves to swim and is ready to be on a swim team this summer. Thank you for caring for each swimmer so individually. It is such a joy to watch Alana swim – not only for safety reasons – but because you helped her to have the confidence to try new things… and that has helped her in many ways in and out of the pool.

– Matthew

Dear Barb,

My son had the BEST experience with you yesterday evening. He was excited that he learned new things right away and that you corrected him immediately so that he knew what to do. He was excited that he was learning the flip/turn… he said “Mom I am not any good at it but it is neat to start learning.” He even thanked us for the swimming lessons!

God bless you for being a source of inspiration for our son.
– Kristine

This is just a little note to let you know how much we appreciate all you do for young swimmers. My daughter Megan just complete sessions 3 and 4 and loved every minute. She is so excited to be able to swim, and learning to dive was the highlight of her summer! Megan worked with Michael, Katie and Maggie. Please tell them how much I appreciate their kindness and caring with Megan. Maggie really has a special place in Megan’s heart. Her picture is hanging in Megan’s room from when she took lessons in the summer of ’07!We can’t wait to see you all again next summer! We excited for Megan’s little brother Dominic to start his lessons!

God bless you and your staff,
– Kim

Once again, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for giving Derek an opportunity to be a part of something and showing him that he has potential!

– Kristine & Rocky