Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

We know there are many places where you can take swimming lessons. We operate our school with care and respect for our students and their families. Our personal, systematic approach to learning how to swim is what sets us apart. We hope to have to opportunity to teach you and your family such an important life skill.

  • Our instructors are trained in the Barb Graeve Swim School (BGSS) systematic approach to swimming instruction.
  • All new instructors are closely supervised until they have the complete confidence off the highest level staff and even then are still monitored to make sure that they are given the newest and best techniques available.
  • Students are not held back because of a “class level.” As soon as a skill has been achieved, they are challenged with the next step in the sequence of our systematic approach.
  • We work hard to allow families to keep their swimmers together as we realize time is valuable to everyone.
  • Instructors are constantly giving verbal feedback and patterning the swimmer’s body in the water so that they have a variety of learning modes going on.
  • The pool is kept warm so that swimmers are comfortable in the water.
  • Barb Graeve belongs to the United States Swim School Association, attends yearly conferences and sends staff to conferences. This dedication to professional development keeps us up to date on the most effective methods and trends as well as business management and professionalism.
  • Barb Graeve Swim School wants – above all else – for our families to be “Raving Fans” and 100% satisfied.

About Enrolling in Swimming Lessons

Our class sessions often fill up FAST. That’s why you’ll see us explain all the steps several times to try and step you through the process and let you reserve a spot as quickly as possible.

The best thing you can do to speed up the enrollment process is to pre-register within our Customer Portal. This will allow you to have all of your information on file, your student profile filled out, and receive email updates from us. You do not have to enroll in a class to register your family. Registration is also the only means we have of including you on our email list.

It is important to register your family so you will get email updates from us when sessions open for enrollment. Registration is simply putting your contact information in our database.

If sessions are currently open for enrollment, you can always register with our portal and enroll at the same time, though we often advise pre-registraiton so you can save time and enroll faster once class sessions are available.

Read more about registration on our Registration Page.