Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

We are able to offer “private” lessons by allowing you to reserve an entire scheduled session for up to three swimmers of similar ability levels. The following rules apply to all private lessons:

  • You must register for an entire session.
  • You may choose how many students are in the class (up to 3).
  • You may schedule private lessons for only one swimmer.
  • You may split the time between siblings of different levels.
  • You may gather a group of 3 children of similar levels.


All private lessons are $60 per half hour.

Annual Insurance Fee

A $7 insurance fee will be added to your account for each student in the first session that you participate in. This is a one-time fee per calendar year that is charged for lessons at all locations.

How to Enroll in Private Swimming Lessons

Enrollment in a private class is partly done through our online enrollment portal and partly through direct communication with us. Please read carefully and follow the instructions below.


  1. Review your preferred Session Dates
  2. Visit our Customer Portal
    1. First Time Families
    2. Existing Customers or Pre-Registered Families
  3. Select the session you are interested in
    1. First Time Families: This is under the Search Classes section
    2. Existing Customers: This is under the Registration tab
  4. Enroll for a “level not yet assigned” class time.
  5. Use our website Contact Page to notify us that you want the class to be designated “private.” Be sure to include the class time and session dates you signed up for in your message.
  6. We will then reserve the class for you and adjust the tuition rate in your account to account for the private class pricing.

Private Lesson Policy

  • Classes must be pre-paid.
  • Classes will not be made up for any reason other than mechanical problems with the pool, weather, and illness. In the event of illness, we reserve the right to have your swimmer make up their class in a group lesson. If a group consists of multiple families: we reserve the right to have your swimmer make up their class in one of our group lesson.
  • Barb Graeve Swim School is not responsible for refunding any private lessons in which the time is shared between families and one or more of the sharing families cannot continue. This must be worked out between the families reserving the time.

Make Up Policy

A make up class will only be scheduled for pool closure due to maintenance or weather-related issues. You may try to find a make-up class from the rosters on the wall for illness. Due to the disruption it causes to the class and availabilities, you must decide to either come to your lesson or skip, but make up classes cannot be permitted for any other reason. Please contact us with any questions.